Regulations that control the way in which a single, large parcel is going to be subdivided for multiple landowners. For New York State, a Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) can help expedite review of conforming design. SEQRA (NY State) declination required. County review may be required.


To go beyond zoning to address environmental and traffic consequences, or unsightly design. Can consist of more or less detailed standards. Can require open space or fee-in-lieu of open space. Clustering can be offered, sometimes required.


Does not include architectural or design landscape architectural review. Does not affect land-use mix or densities (which would be in zoning).

Capacity Requirements: Need to have technical studies to establish specific standards for open space.


Can influence neighborhood design. Can include standards for connectivity and response to environmental constraints. Can include aesthetic considerations. When coordinated with other developments, can increase overall level of road-network connectivity in a larger area.


Gaining Ground Working Paper

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Useful Community Development Working Paper

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