Note: many of these same details apply for Large Scale Commercial Developments as described in detail M71 below:
  • Shopping center frontage improved with pedestrian streetscape elements such as ornamental lighting and benches.
  • Long facades broken into smaller increments (see also details D50 and D51).
  • Sloped and/or parapet roofs recommended.
  • Signs are an integral part of the architectural composition.
  • Special taller architectural features should be located at main building entrances, entrance drives and /or other highly visible locations.
  • Awnings and canopies enliven store frontage.
  • Screen parking along road frontage (see also detail L42).
  • 1/3 maximum “clear zone” for visibility of the frontage from the road.
  • Frontage to include full sidewalk and streetscaped area with generous landscape zone. Shown here is a “boulevard treatment” with 10’ curbside planting strip, 6’ sidewalk and 10’ planting strip along parking lot.